A few words about us. . .

BioEnzyme Technologies®, is an advanced polymer technology and packaging firm focused on delivering eco-friendly and affordable solution to the plastic waste problem around the world. We have successfully developed a unique formula of Enzyme-Bacteria base substrate which promotes the chemical reaction within the polyethylene accelerating the process of degradation.


Our formulation of the enzyme and bacteria (food grade) based technology is absolutely unique and consists of several organic ingredients narrowed down to the enzyme, protein and bacteria compound drawn mainly from natural resources and medicinal plants to make this process biotechnology organic, non-hazardous, non-toxic, and also recyclable by conventional waste management.


We are using our unique proprietary formula of Enzyme-Bacteria based chain-end-biodegradation technology to achieve 100% Biodegradation and Compostability as per European EN 13432:2000 / ISO 14855 Standards with the lowest cost addition.


We are providing unique certified eco-friendly household garbage bags, fridge/food bags and dogy pooh bags products for the consumers Globally and being of Service for the Highest and the Greatest Good of all concerned.


BioEnzyme Technologies® is the only non-plant-based biotechnology which has achieved 100% biodegradable and compostable status certified to European EN 13432 standards. BioEnzyme Technologies® and its packaging are neither a biopolymer nor an oxo-degradable additive.

Our Advantages

Is truly biodegradable and compostable and has been developed to biodegrade in landfills and in an open environment within 180 days after disposal.

Is truly biodegradable in composting conditions as per EN 13432-2000 / ISO 14855 Standards.

Is the best solution in terms of affordability, durability, availability and ecologically in comparison to all other plant-based bioplastics products.

Has a better “Life Cycle Analysis” (LCA) than all other plant-based bioplastics products and is not a threat to the global food supply chain.

Is affordable with the lowest cost addition and does not deliver inferior products as only virgin raw materials are used.

Can be easily disposed of as normal way as household waste and it’s also recyclable by conventional waste management.

Is non-hazardous and non-toxic.

As its consumed by living organisms’ of Enzyme and Bacterial process within the products, hence enhancing the nutritive value of the remaining soil.

“Life Cycle Analysis” of Polymer Materials

Plant-Based bioplastics would seem to be a positive development in many ways. Rather than needing to have petroleum extracted and processed to supply the feedstock for making plastic, plant-based materials are used instead. However, a study by University of Pittsburgh researchers finds that plant-based plastics are not necessarily greener than petroleum-based ones. To reach this conclusion, the researchers looked at several life-cycle factors(LCA). Factoring in side effects of farming needed to produce the feedstock needed to produce bio-plastics, there are issues such as eutrophication of waterways, ozone depletion, global warming, eco-toxicity and even carcinogens where plant-based bioplastics fared poorly.


Twelve different plastics were evaluated in the study. In addition to the LCA “Life Cycle Analysis”, the plastics were also ranked according to green design principles. The production of some petroleum based plastics had a better score than the plant-based bioplastics did.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be of Service for the Highest and the Greatest Good of All Concerned. We are here to help consumers around the world by Serving them to help to change their buying habits to become more active in protecting their Environment and our Mother Earth.

Our Vision

At BioEnzyme Technologies®, We are driven by our vision of “Compassion Factor” as part of this “New Earth’s Energy” where with every product sold, one less fortunate Human BEing will be helped and supported around the world.

Our Commitment

We at BioEnzyme Technologies® have an ethical commitment to the Environment and to Humanity as a whole and an obligation to be of Service for the Highest and the Greatest Good of All Concerned.

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