BioEnzyme Technologies is an advanced polymer bio-technology firm
focused on delivering sustainable and affordable solution to the plastic waste problem around the World.

Enzyme-Bacteria Based BioEnzyme Technology

We are using our proprietary formula of unique Enzyme-Bacteria based substrate to achieve 100% biodegradation and compostability as per European EN 13432:2000 / ISO 14855 Standards with the lowest cost addition.


We are providing a certified eco-friendly products using Nature to solve a Man-made problem Globally!


Compostability means transformation and deterioration of polymers solely by living organisms including the micro-organisms excreted by them.

The process is an active enzymatic reaction over the molecular structure of the polymer, in this case polyethylene.

Is a biological processes during composting to yield CO², water, inorganic compounds, and biomass.

Rate of compostability consistent with other compostable materials like cellulose, wood, or paper.

Process leaves no visible, distinguishable, or toxic residue.


According to European Bioplastics e.V., Germany Bioplastics are:

Polymers based on Plant-Based renewable resources(Starch)


Biodegradable polymers which meet all criteria of scientifically recognized norms for biodegradability and compostability of plastics and plastic products. In Europe this is EN 13432 / EN14995

In other words: not only renewable resources are Bioplastics!

The Future is...

The New Earth and The Emergence of the New Earth Human. . . a Heart Centered Creation of Unconditional Love and Compassion.


We, the New Earth Humans sees Nature as Sacred and respect the original purpose of the Earth as a Sacred Planet and a Garden for the Joy of the Galaxy and all its Beings.


We, the New Earth Humans are Keepers of the Sacred Planetary Garden and are also Galactic Shamans.


We also work with the Elementals and the Nature Spirits to create a Paradise Home for all living beings sent Here by Prime Creator and the Elohim Angels.


Within these New Earth Energies we respects Nature and work with Nature, knowing and feeling at the same time his or her Solar and Galactic connections and responsibilities.


Many of us who were previously feeling “stuck” or “uncertain” or “unmotivated” will step up to New Responsibilities on our Planet Mother Earth.


We will BEcome Human Angels and Galactic Shamans, we will guide people and do ceremonies to honour the Emerging of The New Earth.


We will BEcome leaders who will gently guide and support our communities through the Earth Changes and Transitions to the New Earth Consciousness.


The Energies of the New Earth will provide the Tsunami of HIGH Frequency Energy that will activate these transformations and lift us into the New Earth Higher Timeline.


In this New Earth Energies we are privileged and honoured to be of Service for the Highest and the Greatest Good of All Concerned.

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